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Our business specializes in the supply and installation of Walk-in Baths, Wet Rooms, Disability and Able Body Showers and Baths.

Walk in baths & showers

When you or a loved one has a disability, a walk in bath or shower will make bathing easier, simpler, safer and a lot more relaxing for the disabled or elderly. Why struggle when you can enjoy one of our easy-to-access showers or walk-in baths.

Walk-in sit down baths – for small bathrooms and easy access. If you have problems with balance, and getting in and out of an ordinary bath is difficult, our walk-in, sit down baths allow you to enjoy your bath while sitting on a comfortable seat.

Walk-in full-length baths – the accessible baths that can be used just like any other. Besides offering easy access and a guaranteed leak-proof door, all our walk in baths come with thermostatic temperature control to ensure your water never gets too hot.

Wet Room - Easy Access Showers - For those looking for wheelchair access or in need of a shower solution without a step in tray, a full wet room may be the ideal choice.

With a completely level access showering area and a wide range of screen & door finishes, you can future proof your bathroom without having to compromise on style or space.

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